Charge Solution

Our high performance battery chargers enable long battery life by providing 8-stage charging technology and it has precision charging control, constant status monitoring and stringent battery protection. Proprietary design techniques provide battery and circuit protection, small solution footprints, faster charging, 100% standalone operation, improved thermal performance and high reliability operation. Each battery chemistry has unique battery-charging requirements. Selecting the correct battery charger increases the operational run time of the end-product by ensuring that the battery is always optimally charged. Based on 3-stage charging technology, we have state-of-the-art chargers for both Lead-acid batteries and Li-ion batteries. Here is a sample of our 12V1.5A charger

Charging process:
A.Test battery
B.Pre-charging:0.3A,to 10V,with max. charge time of 2 hours
C.Trickle charging:0.6A,to 10.5V,with max. charge time of 2 hours
D.Main charging:1.5A,to 13.7V,with max. charge time of 30 hours
E.Secondary charging:1A,to 14.7V,with max. charge time of 4 hours
F.High constant-voltage charging:0.6A,to 14.7V,with max. charge time of 4 hours
G.3 minute test:should be above 12V
H.Low constant-voltage float charging:13.4V, below 0.6A for 1 hour

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